When God is IN IT, there’s NO LIMIT!

I was born in a small town in Brazil, and it’s been three years since I moved to the USA, and I didn’t speak English at all! Then my first year I had to work as a house cleaner, and at the time I was living in a bedroom that I rented per $500 per month. I didn’t have time to study since I was working from 5 am to 9 pm, but I still did online classes after work. I started to get exhausted, and I knew God had better plans for me! When I decided to quit my job. I started working as a nanny, and this family was a God gift for me! Later I’ll talk better about them. I started my English classes in the evening, and it was the opportunity that I needed. I worked with them per one year, when my heart ( God) started to say, time to move on! I did! My heart hurt when I had to leave, but that’s life. Assistant teacher, was my next work. Why am I saying it? Because every single day God reminds me that when we believe in Gods plan, He opens the doors where there’s no door, He does the impossible. I have been working in my projects, and today I did my first project presentation in my business class. For many people, it can be nothing. But to me, it is just the beginning. When I look back in my life, I have been seeing Gods work in my family, me, and my life, I have awakened new curiosities, new knowledge, and the most important, I awakened in faith. He gave life and gave me back the dreams that were dead. Every single day I see, when God is in it, there’s no limit!

12 thoughts on “When God is IN IT, there’s NO LIMIT!

    1. Oh wow! Thank you, Lisa. Thank you so much for your message and for being so kind to me. Every time I receive a message like that it makes feel so glad. It means that in somehow what I have been sharing are having good results.🧡 God bless you! ❤️🤗

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