I do Not Accept Anything Less!

I’ve been thinking about what type of impact we have to make. Life is so full! Sometimes it is so hard to listen and understand our mission. I’ve been reading books and listening to podcasts of people doing what they are passionate about. It is a blessing! I’ve decided that I want that life as well. Why not? I need to get out of my comfort zone, let the fear go, and pursue Gods gift for me. Of course, it’s not going to be easy. But I do not want to live my life not doing what it is I’m called to do. Heck no! I have to let go of my fear, believe in my dreams, and fight for it! Do you know how it is to feel that there’s more to come? It is so exciting, isn’t it? We need to truly believe that it can come true, get out of our comfort zone, put in the hard work, and just let go. I love to write on my blog, but it makes me feel extremely exposed. At the same time, it is a part of my process, and it’s so beautiful cause this is who I am. And because I’ve been transformed by my pain, I do not accept anything less. I am who He says I am, and my happiness is to know that God has come to me, even if it is to write upon my heart, and to remind me who He is!

19 thoughts on “I do Not Accept Anything Less!

      1. I am reading a book called The Monk who sold his Ferrari by Robbin Sharma…
        I recommend this book that calls you to follow your heart or intuition but to detach from the physical world at the same time …
        Best wishes from Lebanon…

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    1. Hi Charlie!🤗 I have been living many challenges in my last three years. A suitcase and faith, it was everything I had, and it was enough. Right now, my challenge is my own business. I’ll share on my blog soon. By the way, I saw that you like to run, congrats! I’m passionate about healthy lifestyle, and fitness. 😀

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