Our father is gentle, and He never is going to manifest in us without our permission. My grandfather and grandmother were Christian, and I used to go to church with them when I was a kid. I knew about God, but like, right! We have a God, and that’s it! I never permitted him to go through my life with me. I didn’t have faith. I was going through a lot of pain and hurt in my entire life when in 2015, I had a meeting with him, and my life never was the same after that. But I had to do the first step, and give to him my heart, without any fear. At the time I didn’t understand very well what was happening, but I was hungry for more and more. To learn more and feel more of His presence. When we can see God and what he is able to do through us, we find peace, purpose, hope, and happiness, even when the circumstances show us the opposite. We understand that God is too large for us to be leaving little. Big faith, big life! He raises us up! He shows us how to walk, and He lives in us. He builds a stronger foundation in us, then we awake for his promises, and for what He has for us! To understand the real meaning of why we are here. When we walk by faith, miracles happens. Gods grace to breakthrough, our eyes are opened, then we can see how far we can go when we give to him the control!

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