Write it Down, Go All In, and Full Time Faith.

I was watching my husband cutting the grass, and gratitude came to my heart. I remembered from ten years ago a friend had the idea to write down the following question, “How do you see yourself in the future?” Everything that I wrote, one by one, is happening. It blows my mind! It reminds me that the visions I have are going to happen. It scares me, but at the same time, I know it is my journey, and I say YES! I want to be the vase. Then I have to work hard and have full-time faith. Ten years ago when I wrote this crazy dream, they laughed. Three years ago when I left everything behind me with just a suitcase and faith, and I said that I knew God had a good plan for me, they laughed. Today, when I look back I understand that everything that happened was to make me stronger. What did I learn from this? We have to be willing to look crazy, to be judged, to have people make fun of us, to feel stretched, and uncomfortable. They don’t have our vision, they don’t understand, and THAT’S OK. We just need to keep going, because in the end, as Lori Harder uses to say, “It’s going to blow your mind, and it will be bigger than you could have ever imagined”. It will be worth every single struggle and lesson. By the way, she is my number one podcast. To do so, we just have to keep going and share the message. And guess what? The message is us! We are a beautiful, lightful, and powerful message.

11 thoughts on “Write it Down, Go All In, and Full Time Faith.

  1. Silvia Lia Leigh, MD

    Dear Rafaelle, I love your heart and the words that proceed from there. I know that you passed thru many purifying fires. I see no debilitating scars. Only the color of the rainbow reflected on your wings. Fly higher than ever before… God bless you sister…

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  2. Amen, sis. I love this post. Someone once reminded me: The vision in your heart – where did it even come from? Why does your heart yearn for what you can ‘see?’ Our loving God gives us the dream, the vision. It is His desire to bring it to fruition in our lives.

    I am so grateful that you are being richly blessed by the fulfillment of the promises of God in your life. What a wonderful experience that is after you’ve waited and believed (and stood in faith) for so long – and through MUCH pain. God bless you dear sis. ❤

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