Your Foundation is Everything!

If anybody said to me in 2015 that I was about to live an incredible experience, like I did, without the faith I’ve built, I wouldn’t believe it, and I wouldn’t be experiencing this amazing journey that He has sent me on. I have truly taken my first step of faith. This is why I had to take such a long and struggling journey to build that strong foundation with Him. It doesn’t mean that it was easy, not easy at all, but it was worth it! So many times I sound like a crazy person explaining to others what I know is to come, but I have to share all of it! The fire in my heart does not lie, the fire in my heart is Him. I know the Incredible experiences I have with the Creator, and I know better HIS promise still stands, and the glory of this latter house shall be greater than that of the former, and in this place, He will give peace. That the word He gave to us! So why to be afraid? When the bad days come, have faith, keep fighting, pray, worship, and surrender, and for sure the victory will be guaranteed. That’s His words as well, ” In this world, you will have trouble. But take heart! I HAVE OVERCOME THE WORLD.” John 16:33