What an Incredible Year!

2019, what an incredible year! Extremely grateful. And as a child of God, and full of king’s power, In 2020 I’m going to rise up even more! And I’m going to become everything God created me to be.🦋🕊

10 thoughts on “What an Incredible Year!

  1. O.K I´m sure for you that is that 2020 will be better, but thqe true question is why ” She got wings” and I don´t…..my believe is you are actually paying the UtN. United Nations we are!
    Love ya and Stay Frosty gentess.
    Foot note- Stay Frosty got it from a US Marine I was with as a Spaniard, me being as the interpreter and 4 of my guys long storyt, so point being this US guy would tell his marines and us, “Stay Frosty gents!” when they got the taliban signal on their cool radio and thanks to a woman she said ” you always end with Stay Frosty gents what about the women?” So she actually push me to come up with a weird name ” gentesses”
    That was a fucking long foot note.

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    1. Oh yeah! Lol, Your note is pretty long, by the way, interesting. I’m sure that you have a lot of stories to share. She got wings when by the pain she decided to have faith. Unshakable faith shakes up everything! Charlie, He saw you even when you feel invisible. He knows your heart! So the real question is, why you don’t if you already have your wings? Have you ever tried to change your beliefs? Have a great day crazy life 🤪😁

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  2. I just, literally, now went to the supermarket and got punched one in the face by my Good friend the drugdealer. I´m saying this in real time now, I just looked at him and very calmly said, ” go at it again” he didn´t, still with his shouting that I pay him, not happening he knows and if he backed down after his first punch victory (does hert a bit, not much) he knows I kill him. Literally. Now I´m more concern about my mother so she keeps me out of jail, been in the army, infantry deployed, so what is this drugdealer shit head thinks? I only know he really doesn´t want to go for me, that is for sure.
    So that was a story beautiful wings and I have faith on you.

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    1. Your situation now does not define you. You are valuable! I believe in your best version.

      Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9🕊


      1. Believe it or not I´m a Christian and a practicing one, I do go to church every Sunday, maybe not every but as much as I can. I have a great relationship with the new priest, that he looks like he is 15 years old. Anyways after him speaking to the crowd he looks at me point at me and we go chat, quite a guy this one.
        I know I can be strong and courageous, did that in my army days, but today the alcohol it is winning on me, that is what I talk with the priest. Not the military, he has great advice that I love to hear, now I have to follow through. I´m not afraid of dying I made peace with death before I was 25 when is I got out of the army. But fuck me, the alcohol now is winning me and is more harder to tackle it tan before again in my army days to literally put my life in real danger.

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      2. I do believe, and I’m glad to hear. I grew up watching my father being destroying with his alcohol addiction. Not just him, but all family. I had a life in the darkness for years (so many wrong decisions) when by the pain, I surrendered! It took time, it is not easy, but He still does the impossible! And the alcohol that holds you back is NOTHING for Him! I believe so hard on you, and I can’t wait to see you sharing your hard times, but HAPPY, because you did get out and will be able to help who’s struggling with that! You have a beautiful journey to build, and you are stronger and courageous to face that!
        I’m here cheering and praying for you.

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