The truth about it is…

I’m not a TV person, but today I watched the movie Same Kind of Different as Me, and I have just one word to say, WOW! just wow! I love to spend my time listening, reading, and watching helpful content that can help make me be a better human being. I loved this movie! What A beautiful lesson I learned. In Every single one of us there’s a beautiful person inside, but many times the scars in life make it difficult for a person to come out. Many people hurt others with words or physical abuse. The truth is that they have suffered or they are suffering, and they need love. I’m a Personal trainer and I teach my clients to have a healthy lifestyle. Many people, when discussing a healthy lifestyle, just thinks about healthy foods and exercise. But I love to teach a deeper meaning. This is my calling, to teach to be 100% healthy. Healthy with those they are around, healthy with what they are watching, healthy with what they are reading, and healthy with what they are listening to. It define us! What we do in our routine defines us, and our future. The same way your body gets body fat when you eat unhealthy foods, the same goes for the mind and soul. What makes me think, Why are most people just worried about the body and material stuff? What really matters is what’s inside of us. Like it says in the movie, “The truth about it is, whether we are rich or poor or somethin in between, this earth ain’t no final restin place. So in a way, we are all homeless–just working our way toward home.”

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