We are all a little weird!

To be weird doesn’t mean that is a bad thing. It means you have courage to be who you are and keep doing things your own way instead of worrying about what other people might say or think of you. It is to know how to express your own personality, and option without any fear, and at the same time with discernment, ethics, and respect. To be weird is to create wings and do things a different and unique way. The weird understand that to be “normal” is to do the same that everybody else is doing, and it is too boring! To be weird is to not care what people say about the weirdness because what people say is just the thoughts in their own limitation. To be different is to believe in what God says about us, and that is what matters! To be different is to be innovative, and believe in the potential that God gave, and go forth with all strength and faith. In the end, we all are different and have our own weirdness in our own way. Be you, be weird, be different, be normal, be whatever you want… You are beloved! That is what matters.

Why am I saying this?

For my mind, I read the Bible, books and listen to positives podcasts. They are the best tool for keeping me calm. Reading the Bible helps me start my day in a positive place. For my body, healthy food, and a daily workout is my favorite thing. For my soul, PRAY! A deeper conversation with our Daddy. Why am I saying this? All around the globe, people are gravely concerned about the fast-spreading coronavirus. Many of us are stuck at home, isolated from friends and loved ones, worried about our food supply, our health, our finances. So, do your part, be kind, have faith, and find your balance. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/in-constant-movement-with-rafaelle-schwartzbart/id1509080332