The Most Valuable Thing

I woke up at 6am, I went downstairs, and I started to put my writing into practice. I’m working on new projects and while working on these, my grandmother came to my mind. Unfortunately she is not here anymore, but she had a beautiful journey and a beautiful and blessed marriage. She was an example of faith. I remember years ago when I used to have terrible nightmares. I couldn’t sleep one full week cause I was afraid I would be bothered with these dark nightmares. At the time I didn’t have a relationship with our father. The creator! But on this day I was desperate and I called for her to pray for me( I followed my mothers advise). I’ll never forget! She prayed and she said, ” My daughter, go to your bed and have a peaceful sleep, God will give you that peace that you need!” I went to my bed and I had the best sleep ever! Unfortunately, she didn’t see me when I decided to give my life to Christ and become baptized. She didn’t see the miracles God was doing in my life. That’s life! But one thing I know for sure! Everything that happened, and is happening has my grandmother and grandfathers prayers. Like she used to say, ” I can’t see with these eyes, but I already can see with my faith eyes.” I’m so grateful that God gave me these two blessed people to have in my life. They weren’t rich, but they gave me the most valuable thing I could ever ask for, they gave me FAITH! —Rafaelle Schwartzbart

15 thoughts on “The Most Valuable Thing

  1. AMEN! This is such a sweet and inspiring story. I feel blessed having read your testimony on how you connected with the Almighty through your grandparents. You are fortunate to have people like them while you were growing up. And I pray that all children in the world be provided with the type of guidance and encouragement that you had as a child. God bless!

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