A Lesson From the Window

During the last few weeks we have been watching the mom bird feed the babies in her nest by the window. It was interesting to see her do this beautifull work every single day. So, finally, the big day came! The little birds had to get out of their nest and face the world. I’m so blessed and glad to have had the opportunity to watch this big moment since I had been watching the mom do her work from the very beginning. There were five babies. They had a hard time figuring out how to take flight. Four of the babies did figure it out quickly and flew beautifully, but we had one left. He took a while, he was scared, and he fell many times. My husband and I were by the window, looking forward to seeing him take his first flight. We were cheering for him and trying to encourage him even in the times that he felt scared and shaking. Many times we too can feel afraid and alone, but God is there, even when we can’t see! He’s there, cheers us, encourages us and looks forward to us taking our the next steps. The little bird fell many times, he took a long while, but in the end, he did a magnific job of flying. He had to get out of the cozy nest and face the world. He’s going to discover the new. This little bird reminds me of myself. When I was a little girl, even now, I feel afraid, at times I feel as though I am not ready. I too will fall as I try to take flight. But like my husband and I cheering for the bird, I know that God is beside me, beside us saying, You can do that! You can do hard things! I’m with you! And in faith, I do the moves by His guide, cause I know that Who’s with me Does the impossible. We are not late, we are not old, we are not what people say about us, we are what God says about us and we are at the right time. Like the birds, four of them took flight immediately, but the one that you watch in the video, he had to face his fear, he took his time, and at the right time he flew. And what I noticed was, the four who first flew were beautiful for sure, they were really brave! But that last bird, his flight, for some reason was POWERFUL. His flight brought me a message. His flight brought me a powerful message.

8 thoughts on “A Lesson From the Window

  1. Maurice

    Another thing the four birds were able to fly immediately but the one that took long to fly became famous because you made this video that all of us can see the celebrity bird. The bird may seem slow but it was for a purpose.

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  2. Face your fear first and then you can fly, fly or die one of the two.
    Talking about birds….. they wake me up each day at 6 a.m since they have the nest right next to my window, and really seem to have a great chat

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      1. Cute……. listen to them once in a while but day after day I have no thoughts of cuteness, more of a type of murder thoughts, and little by little, cut them one ear first(do they even have ears?) then a teeth, then… I´m getting too much into it, stop it!

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