Faith is Like a Muscle, the More You Use It, The More Powerful It Becomes.

As a Personal Trainer, I try to compare the workout routines with my spiritual life. I like to see how each, a person building a healthy lifestyle and building faith resemble each other. The first step is the desire. There’s the desire, but still, one does not feel capable of achieving it. I remember when my mother decided to buy a car several years ago. She said “this one is the right one! God showed me.” I knew of faith in others at the time, but it was not yet part of my life. Faith doesn’t grow by itself. Like a muscle, you need to put in the work! It requires dedication, persistence, and patience. Simply having desire won’t achieve it. You have to go all in. Just as a muscle needs activation, the right food, rest, and daily dedication, faith is no different. To be 100% healthy is much deeper than what you eat and how you exercise. Pay attention to what you feed your soul, how you spend your time, what you listen to, who you surround yourself with. Life is short, so make that life intense. To be healthy from the inside out is powerful. Those on the outside cannot understand this, but they still can sense that there is something powerful happening!–the-More-You-Use-It–The-More-Powerful-It-Becomes-eib9jf

6 thoughts on “Faith is Like a Muscle, the More You Use It, The More Powerful It Becomes.

  1. Very good point! And on a side note, I choose our two current cars pretty much just like your mom! I gave mine to my husband when he retired and got a newer (still used) one. I drove both of them and each time I knew they were the ones! With no regrets. Pray and trust God to direct you 😊 Full disclosure: my faith is feeling challenged at the moment. I am working hard to trust God to get us through this challenging year 🙏🏻🙏🏻

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    1. Thank you🌺 Amen! Yes! I feel you. Tough times. As a Bible says that we will have troubles, but He will be with us! It is my strength. It is what makes me walk in faith, and believe that better times are coming. God be with you! Keep in faith. He is with us❤️

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  2. Hi Rafaelle feel good to be here on your inspiring blog. And yes “Faith is life a muscle ….” how very true. Sharing a my favorite representation on Faith:
    “What if = Fear
    Even if = Faith”
    Cheers and best always 😊🍀

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