Lessons from Sunflowers: Always Turn Toward the Light

Months ago, we planted the seeds and started the process. We have been watering the plants every single day. Every single day when I open the door, my eyes go to the sunflowers. I was looking forward to seeing the first leaves. After a couple of weeks, the leaves were there. They grew up! The next step was the flowers. I was very excited for that day. But one night the deer ate the plants, and when I opened the door the next day, I got an unexpected surprise. The plants were missing some of their leaves and were bruised. I got so annoyed with the deer, even though I think they are cute. So, we had to figure out a solution. We bought a spray that helps prevent the deer from eating them. So we had to start the process again. This time not just watering, but spraying as well. That’s life! We have to plant the seeds and understand that it is not going to grow overnight. We have to be commited, just as in life. Plant the seeds, and work on them in order to grow every single day. And just like what happened with the plant, we can feel pain many ways during the process. But the key is to never give up! The key is to turn to the light and restart the process. But this time it is going to be different, cause we learned the lesson, we got wisdom. And when we do not expect it, the plant will sprout. Turn toward the light, be committed, be patient, trust the process, and believe me…the results will blow your mind!

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