Be Brave. Be Bold.

Can I ask you a question? What are you struggling with right now? What’s that obstacle holding you back? How bad do you want to reach your goal? Are you willing to go for it? When I say willing, I mean to put in the hard work. Not just saying you desire it, but are willing to go all in! I lived for years and years limited in my mind. I was taking care of my body, my muscles, eating healthy, but the inside of me was unhealthy. My soul was dying. I used to spend my time in front of the tv, or scrolling my cell phone. I wasted so much time in my life. But, like the quote says, ” When you know better, you do better!”. Today I know who is by my side, I’m brave, I’m bold. If someone said to me at the begining of 2015 my next 4 years would be a life where I was happily married, living in the United States, speaking English and passing the NASM personal trainer certification I wouldn’t have believe it. First of all, 4 years ago I didn’t speak English at all, and second, I wasn’t a believer. I didn’t have a relationship with God at that time. Today if someone says to me that in 4 years or even less I’ll be on big stages speaking or that my book will be a NY best seller I’ll now believe! Cause He made me bold. He made me a new person. Cause today I know that He is in me, and with Him, we can do the impossible! So, I want to encourage you to take action today! Not tomorrow or next week. I mean, TODAY! Take the action to have faith, to believe in yourself, to do exercise, to choose better food to fuel your body, to choose better books to feed your soul, to love, and take care of yourself. You are worth it! You are the son and daughter of God, so we have to act like who we are! He loves and chooses us to rise up in Christ.–Be-Bold-eiumi7