The Hard Times When English was a Barrier.

4,544 miles of distance 🇧🇷🇺🇸 The same passions 📚🐕🥦🍎 the same weirdness🤪 and even the same stubbornness.😅 And here we are😍🥰 everything started because He loved us first❤️ He writes the most beautiful stories📝 He has been surprising me since 2015 when I gave my pen to Him to take control of my life and write my story. AND In this episode, I had my husband share when we met each other, and the struggle that we had to face, in the time that English was a barrier.–Baby–I-have-a-question-edsli7

Give this Shot!

There is so much going on out there, things look hopeless. I know that it’s not easy at all. The Bible says, ” In this world, you will have trouble, but take heart! I overcome the world.” He didn’t say that you maybe will have trouble, He said, you will. So, the journey is not gonna be easy, but He is with us! There’s hope, there’s a way, there a new you, there’s a new life, there’s a new chapter, there’s a new journey. Do not accept less then you deserve, you are a child of God, you are beloved, you are chosen. GIVE this shot FOR YOU! Believe in yourself, have faith, do your hard work, and what about those things you cannot do? just surrender! And watch out!

Declare It!

I love to listen to “Earn your happy podcast” by Lori harder, and she said,” If you don’t start the thing you want during this time, it’s not a time problem, it’s never been a time problem, it’s a discipline problem.” I couldn’t agree more! So, do not wait for tomorrow, for next week, for next month, or next year. Take the action that you need right now. Big changes start with small steps. You have the choice to choose when the day is you start, so start today! Start to drink more water, to eat more vegetables and fruits, to do exercises, to read a book, to start an online class, to learn something new, to start a blog or the business of your dream. Decide today, and never look back. We are not a tree, don’t stay stuck in the ground, you can decide to change and move. Declare out and loud that you are not who you use to be, but who you decide to become.

“Life and death are in the power of our tongue.” – Proverbs 18:21

Spreading the Good News

I learned to get out of my comfort zone when I moved to the US with a suitcase and faith. One more time, I decided to show up, even when I did not feel ready. But I believe that where there are ears, there’s a message that needs to be heard. And WHY not MINE? and WHY not NOW? So check out my new PODCAST A message from a Brazilian girl that has been growing since she decided to face her past and her fears! I’ll share funny stories as well, I’ll have my husband sharing the craziness of when we meet each other, and the cultural difference between us. I read a quote that says, ”There’s a person anywhere that is exactly how you were, and this person needs to know what GOD can do!” That’s MY MISSION and PASSION! To help make you FIT! In BODY, MIND, and SOUL.

Spread the good news.❤️

Unlock Your Mind and Beliefs

Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open?” – Rumi

Get out of the box in your mind, break the bad habits. Create healthy habits, a new routine, unlock your mind and beliefs, learn something new, move your body. You are the ONLY ONE who can do that for yourself! Believe in Yourself and You Will Be Unstoppable.


Easter Day and we had a beautiful gardening day. We brought life to our house in the day that JESUS is risen. He is ALIVE.

So, it is our first bonsai, by the way, we named him as a baby Groot. Then I googled to see how to take care of him, and I had a great surprise.

What is the purpose of a bonsai tree?

– Bonsai helps in curing sore throats, coughs, fatigue and tiredness. – Bonsai plants also work as a very thoughtful gift that one can find and order online. All in all, by having a bonsai plant around, you can stimulate your learning and creativity while also boosting your immunity.

Happy Easter!